Arnold Academy

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School Vision

Through a Values based education Ramsey Manor Lower School strives to be a happy community, which celebrates the achievements of each child regardless of ability, race, gender, beliefs or personal circumstances.

Values are principals, fundamental convictions, ideals, standards or attitudes to life that act as a consistent guide to behaviour or as reference points in decision making.     

Values Education is a whole community ethos and not an imposition from one person or a pressure group.   

We are clear about and committed to the values we wish to emphasise in our school. These have been adopted as a result of a whole school development process. Our values and their definitions can be found on the Values page.     

We aim to provide a positive environment which fosters children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn.  Children will have access to a rich, varied and challenging curriculum, using a comprehensive range of approaches in which up to date Information Technology is appropriately embedded in day to day learning.     

The school strives to provide a physical environment which is bright, clean and ecologically sound with an atmosphere of warmth and friendship, which enhances social, emotional and physical health and well-being.     

We aim to work closely with local organisations and individuals, and to be a part of community life in Barton le Clay.     

We aim to promote awareness of and respect for different beliefs, cultures and communities, locally, nationally and globally.